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Welcome to the Rock and Roll Stew Music Player. Here you can listen to 30 second clips of a selection of our clients music.

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Using the Player
When the player first loads the Playlist will show and the first track will automatically start playing. Select any track you wish to play and it will start automatically. When a track has finished the player will automatically play the nest track in the Playlist. The "Previous Track", "Play", "Pause", "Stop" and "Next Track" controls work as standard.

To Loop a Track
To loop a track select the looped arrow symbol. The track will repeat rather than continue to the next track.

To Shuffle the Playlist
To auto shuffle the playlist select the crossed arrow symbol. The playlist will then play in a random sequence.

To Adjust the Volume and Panning
To adjust the volume drag the slider to the right of the loudspeaker symbol. To adjust the pan drag the slider next to the volume control.

Rock and Roll Stew Music Logo